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Christmas gifts for dog lovers

What to buy for people for Christmas 2022
For those of you who celebrate Christmas, finding gifts these days is a big challenge. The trouble is, no one wants for anything these days, if you want it, the chances are, you have already got it ordered.
How to find great Christmas gifts
The first thing I do, is work out if the person I am buying a gift for has a hobby, a passion or something that can really help me focus my festive shopping and make it as painless as possible. This is possibly why I have so many pet lover pals in my life, pet lovers are great to buy for and love a personalised gift. Lucky for them, I too love a bit of customisation when it comes to my Christmas gift getting!
What to buy for dog lovers this Christmas
Today, I am focussing on gifts for dog owners. Here are my top three gifts for dog lovers on Esty... basically, WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!
You can dingle them and dangle them on a Christmas Tree but more importantly your recipient can put them away and get them out next year. They will remember that you are the best friend ever because you took into consideration the amount of dog toys they already have scattered around the house and saved them the pain of worrying whether they need to get that Christmas bauble out every time you visit (Unless it is Christmas of course)
2. Keyring come poo bag holder
Fellow dog owners will feel this. You go for a walk without the dog, you go to get a tissue or a sweet from your pocket but you pull out a magical infinite stream of poop bags. If this is you, you need a poo bag holder and so do all your dog loving chums. The problem is, poo bag holders are a bit rubbish. They're clunky and take up lots of room. Well, thanks to this crafty Etsy seller you can now get a nifty crochet doggy poo bag holder. It's cute, it keeps the bags altogether and it squishes neatly into your bag.
We had a little Yorkie called, Coco. Our family loved that little dog so much and despite being such a tiny addition to our family, we have a huge hole in our lives now that she is not here. We know that people avoid talking about her because they are trying to protect our feelings but sometimes we love to hear other people say nice things about her. If someone gave me a little plaque dedicated to Coco, that would melt my heart. Whether your recipient still has their pet, they will love something that shows that you recognise the awesomeness of their pet.
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