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How to show you love someone with "Love Tokens"

What's the best gift to give someone you love?
It's easy - LOVE of course! The perfect give for someone you love is pure love, and we do that by being there, being patient, being kind and yes, sometimes laughing at those bad jokes they tell!
You don't need expensive gifts to show love and particularly today, where, if we want something, we pretty much get it, material things don't quite cut it when it comes to the gift that says, "I love you". Having said that, it's nice to have some sort of physical object to hold on to when you are apart.
What are Love Tokens?
Love tokens are simply a number of pieces of paper or card or some sort of material that can hold text. Love tokens can be for a child, friend, family member as well as for your partner. They don't always reflect how much someone loves someone, sometimes they can be reasons they are loved or even date or family night ideas. We found this pinterest board with lots of different ideas on, my favourite has to be the random edible underwear on there!
Love tokens can be homemade and can be as simple as paper cut outs or created from recycled bottle caps like these homemade bottle top love tokens.
What to say, 'I love you' on Love Tokens
  1. Think about all of the things you love about the person you are creating love tokens for and write it all down. It doesn't matter if it is jumbled, it is just to get you thinking.
  2. Choose your angle. It could be, 10 reasons I love you, I love you because..., I love you like... This will help you with the text for the tokens
  3. Take a look at all the things you wrote down before. For angles where you have a suffix, it is simply a case of finishing off the sentence. With things like, 10 reasons I love you - it is more of a case of pointing out facts about them such as, the way they look, their funny jokes etc.
Where to buy handmade 'Love tokens'
At Cherry Grove Craft, we have created some really sweet and simple love tokens that come in a small jute bag and can be personalised with your own messages.
To make it easier to say, 'I love you', we have created some pre-made bags. Check them out!
10 Reasons I love you
  1. You are always positive
  2. You are my best friend
  3. You make me a better person
  4. We are stronger together
  5. The way you make me smile
  6. The way you believe in me
  7. You have a heart of gold
  8. All the fun we have
  9. Your support
  10. Your amazing cuddles
I love you like...
  1. a squirrel loves nuts
  2. nachos love melted cheese
  3. the sun loves burning gingers
  4. loo roll likes getting replaced when it's finished
  5. a cow loves not being a burger
  6. you love the sound of your own voice
  7. Android owners love to hate Apple
  8. you love the smell of your farts
  9. pigeons love pooping on statues
  10. pedants love correcting you're use of your!
Share with us your ideas for Love Token messages.
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